About Us

About Us

“Inspire as many people as possible to value and practice a physically, emotionally and socially healthy life-style.”
– Rhythm & Moves Mission Statement

A simple promise that every child would have a piece of equipment and the excitement of a passionate credentialed teacher; Sharon L. Boggs, started Rhythm & Moves on its journey in 1984, to change the face of physical education in schools. Rhythm & Moves provides; comprehensive standards based sequential physical education curriculum, motivated and credentialed teachers—and yes, a piece of equipment for every child. The Rhythm & Moves Music Education program, which began in 2002, follows in footsteps of our physical education program and is guided by the same learning philosophies and principles. Almost 30 years later, with over 60 educators in its employ, Rhythm & Moves provides Music and Physical Education in more than 140 schools in the Bay area.

The Rhythm & Moves Philosophy

Children like to learn and 85% of children are kinesthetic learners, learning predominantly through physical activity, and need to be motivated to do so constructively. One of the roles of the schools should be to find and foster those motivations to learn.

At the elementary level, the physical education program should concentrate on providing successful situations through music and movement, so that the children learn the fundamentals of music and movement, developing a liking and appreciation for music and physical activity.

At the Jr. High level, students are moving from concrete to abstract thinking. Instructional strategies and curricular content are directed toward health and the individual interests of the students, allowing them to draw their own conclusions as they discover the best way to become and stay healthy.

The Rhythm & Moves Staff

A great curriculum is meaningless unless you have the right staff to implement it. The Rhythm & Moves staff is an amazing and energetic group of professional, credentialed teachers who are eager to both learn and teach new things.

To maximize learning, Rhythm & Moves educators use various teaching styles that encourage critical thinking in each and every child. Our curriculum is continually evaluated and evolving, keeping current with the latest standards in physical and music education.

Rhythm & Moves teachers work to create a community within their individual schools, collaborating and integrating the core curriculum into their lessons. Working with administrators, classroom educators, and parents they incorporate the Rhythm & Moves philosophy within the school community to create a core curriculum that embraces the mind and body together.

A two-day teacher conference kicks-off each new school year. Over 30 different workshops are offered that provide information and teaching tools that can be integrated into class lessons. Monthly meetings with colleagues are held, as well as frequent in-service workshops.

Each educator participates in an ongoing professional development plan, based on the California Standards for the Teaching Profession, culminating each year with an inquiry based on their individual self-assessment of the standards.

Rhythm & Moves educators receive a competitive salary and benefit package with retirement.