Music Education

Music Education

The Rhythm & Moves music education program began in 2002. Veteran music specialists with decades of teaching experience developed our curriculum, which is continually refined to bring music appreciation to every type of learner.

The cross-curricular lessons cover the California music standards and utilize a variety of teaching tools and methods including Koday, Orff and Dalcroze. Students are comprehensively taught the fundamentals of music theory, composition and history, while learning to apply these concepts to develop their instrumental and vocal performance skills.

As a progressive company, Rhythm & Moves constantly evolves to bring the highest quality programs to our schools, as well as continuing development opportunities to our teachers.

For students we provide:

• California music standards based curriculum

• A differentiated curriculum; related to each individual school community

• An extensive music library

• A variety of rhythmic and melodic instruments such as recorders, xylophones, tambourines, triangles, portable pianos, boomwhackers, hand drums, and more

• Enough instruments for all children to participate at the same time

• An annual music presentation

For teachers we offer:

• Annual Rhythm & Moves conferences

• Pedagogy mentor

• Substitute coverage

• Ongoing continuing education

• Monthly regional meetings

• Partnership with National University credential program

• Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment (BTSA) Program

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