Physical Education

Since 1984, Rhythm & Moves has been a pioneer in physical education, offering the best and most comprehensive curriculum in the state of California.

The Rhythm & Moves curriculum teaches students successful ways of moving, so they not only enjoy physical activity, but they learn that being fit is good for their physical, emotional and social well-being. The professional, credentialed and highly motivated Rhythm & Moves teachers, engage each and every student—revealing their inner potential to embrace physical activity and life-long fitness.

As a progressive company, Rhythm & Moves constantly evolves to bring the highest quality programs to our schools, as well as continuing professional development opportunities to our teachers.

We offer:

• Annual Rhythm & Moves conferences

• Standard based curriculum

• State-mandated fitness testing

• Pedagogy mentor

• Substitute coverage

• Equipment for every child to participate at the same time

• Ongoing continuing education and professional development

• Monthly teacher collaboration

• Partnership with National University credential program

• Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment(BTSA) Program

The Rhythm & Moves curriculum is currently taught at more than 160 schools in the Bay Area. The founder and president, Sharon L. Boggs,is nationally board certified in physical education. Sharon regularly travels to events and conferences across the US, teaching new and creative ways to engage children’s brains and bodies within movement & fitness activities.

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