kid playing with a hula hoop


During my ten years as a site principal, I have worked with Rhythm and Moves almost every year. This organization has provided my three school sites in different districts with an outstanding physical education and music program. I have found the p.e. teachers and the music providers to be highly skilled and very professional. Lessons that they teach are engaging and meaningful. The students enjoy the lessons and are highly motivated to participate. Their focus on student collaboration and teaching basic skills is exemplary.

In addition, the administration of the programs is excellent. The program coordinators work with principals and district office personnel to develop schedules that meet the needs of each individual school site. They are flexible and approachable. Teachers are well trained and supervised. Subs are provided when a Rhythm and Moves staff member is out.

Based on my experience with Rhythm and Moves, I would highly recommend without reservation this organization to assist you in planning and implementing a high quality p.e. or music program at your district or school site.

– Priscilla Spencer
Principal, Marshall Lane Elementary

We love Rhythm and Moves. Our PE teacher is amazing. The curriculum is relevant and engaging for all of our learners, from transitional kindergarten to grade 8. We will be with Rhythm and Moves for many years to come.

– Jennifer Diaz
All Saints School

Rhythm and Moves is such an amazing program for children. It combines music with movement in a way that keeps student engaged and excited about learning music. The teachers have strong skills in their content area and in creating a safe, positive, and fun learning environment for the students. It's the one of the highlights of the students' school week. We have had the program for several years and hope to continue providing music for all our students for years to come!

– Monica Lobao
Principal, Vallemar Elementary

Rhythm and Moves staff care about the students they serve. They make it clear to every student that they can be physically fit and that their physical fitness makes everything in life better. Rhythm and Moves is organized and dependable and provides Rosemary School students with a high quality, well designed program. They play a key role in our school’s instructional program. We depend on their solid lesson plans always being implemented by very talented, very caring teachers.

– Brian Schmaedick
Principal, Rosemary Elementary

At Our Lady of Grace School on any Thursday the school children can be heard to be singing joyfully or playing some musical instruments with confidence. Our program for children in TK-5th grade is fun, exciting, and educational. Music learned follows standards at age appropriate levels. At the end of the year, our teacher puts on a marvelous spring concert where the songs learned are shared with all grades and parents and friends come to listen as well. Our school believes music to be an integral part of every child's education and we are thrilled to have Rhythm and Moves provide such a solid program.

– Susan Anderson
Principal, Our Lady of Grace School

Rhythm and Moves offers an opportunity for students to learn the fundamentals, foundation of music and physical education while having fun.

– Corrine Frese
Principal, Blackford Elementary

I've worked with Rhythm and Moves for many years and have always been impressed by their teachers. They are well trained, skilled, and really know how to inspire children to try their best! At Latimer, we have been lucky to have Rhythm and Moves staff who participate in school events and become part of the community.

– Nancy Cisler
Principal, Latimer Elementary

Rhythm and Moves provides our kids tools to lead healthy lifestyles. Over the course of the year our students thrive from the teachings of our Rhythm and Moves instructors. I am very impressed with this program and would recommend it for your school district.

– Joe Bosco
Foothill Elementary