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Professional Development

We provide professional development workshops ideal for school communities looking to provide experiences through movement for their teaching staff providing physical education through their school year.

Workshops are tailored to fit the focus and needs of districts and/or individual school sites and their teaching staffs. We will work to help engage and encourage teachers to implement movement into their lesson planning as part of their core lessons to help fulfill the state mandated physical education minutes and improve the quality of movement education within each lesson.

As part of our professional development we offer:

  • Strategies to help increase structured movement and activity time for Physical Education
  • Techniques that are utilized within the Rhythm and Moves Program to produce a streamline approach in programming at each site
  • A hands on, interactive approach designed to incorporate Physical Education strategies into movement lessons
  • Planning, organization and consultation of all strategies and concepts introduced
  • Ideas and strategies around organizing and managing activity time throughout the school year
  • Support through handouts, presentation material and interactive participation

Rhythm and Moves works to create a community within their individual schools by collaborating and integrating the core curriculum into their lessons while implementing movement into the classroom. As a progressive company, we are constantly evolving to bring the highest quality programming to our schools, as well as continuing to provide professional development opportunities to help support our school communities within their homeroom classroom.